ABMS COLLEGE – High School, a prestigious 100% online College in Switzerland is one of the leading online schools that offer the highest class of College education. The school offers an excellently unique International career related Baccalaureate in two major levels disciplines, these are ; International Business, and International Tourism Baccalaureates.

ABMS is an independent online school that offers grade 12 students the opportunities of pursuing their career in Business education. ABMS College is relatively young in the business, it was founded in the year 2013, in Switzerland, and however its popularity and ratings has continued to soar higher in few months of its establishment.

ABMS College - High School provides a unique worldwide community of intellectual learners and teachers who are passionate about what they do. ABMS College is also supported by through number of highly beneficial and vibrant seminars, and a rigorous curriculum that helps students to engage in critical and analytical thinking. Aside from a strong curriculum structure that makes students become more creative, ABMS College provides an avenue for several collaborative extra-curricular activities that stimulates lasting relationships among teachers and students- a culture that will enhance student’s growth and development.

ABMS’s supportive environment will stimulate the strength of character, and promotes an independent lifelong pursuit of Knowledge, in the most convenient way.

ABMS is a unique school

  • It is a school a risk-takers, and gifted students who are ready to engage their career growth and development beyond the traditional classrooms,
  • It is a school set up by experts and instructors with unparalleled records, and these are instructors who have strong passion in teaching students in the online interactive environment.
  • It is a school located in Switzerland, a country known for its excellent stability and leadership in high educational standards.
  • It is a school where instructors and students see themselves as a family, thereby making it easier for students to interact with their instructors easily.

ABMS College is a high school designed for grade 12 students who want to pursue a career in Business and Tourism. The school is fully accredited and licensed as an academic institution to provide a flexible online education system for creative minds. ABMS College - High School will stimulate a challenging environment where students will be inspired to become professionals in their chosen fields of career. The pursuit of Intellectual maturity and academic excellence are two main goals for which ABMS is set up and it has been living up to this expectation since it was established.

The enrolment options in ABMS college makes it flexible enough for students to learn , The development of skills through written and oral communication makes the learning environment more engaging and comfortable. The online instructional method given at ABMS is effectively combined with seminar styles and directed course teaching which encourage discipline, independence and excellent time management skills among students.

Courses taken at ABMS College can be registered for under a full time or part time arrangement, and the students who enrolled in the school will work closely with instructors and counselors to achieve their career and personal goals.



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