The city of Zug is a popular capital of canton which has the same name. That canton is one of the smallest cantons in Switzerland. Zug is situated south side of the Zurich. 11 communities can be seen there. Unterägeri, Oberägeri, Menzingen, Baar, Neuheim, Zug, Steinhausen, Huenenberg, Cham and Walchwil are those communities in Zug.

The official language in Zug is German. However, English is the popular language among the business community. Many leading companies are located in this city because of its great and friendly environment. Leading companies in both product and service sectors are operating there. A large portion of the economic contribution is given by the companies and the agriculture contributes to the rest. Zug has extended its infrastructure for investment projects in various sectors especially in the health, education, leisure and sport sectors, geriatric care, and on supply and disposal issues.

Its well known center for business and the service sectors is supported by excellent features, with modern academic offers and a high standard of education for its employees. The commercial industry, creating and generating goods to the highest technical requirements, also benefits from these features.

The city of Zug is popular as a trading center. Electronic and electro technology products are very popular there.

Zug has a good transportation system. It is well connected to all the other cities in Switzerland because this city is located in the center of the country. It also offers flights to and from around 200 destinations in 83 countries.



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