The City of Zurich founded by the Romans in 15BC. It is called Zurich in German and French, Turitg in Romansh and Zurigo in Italian. It is among the top cities in the world and can be identified as the wealthiest city in Europe or even worldwide.

This city is situated 408 meters above the sea level. It is also situated on the lower level of Lake Zurich. The Alps are just 30 kilometers away from this city. The total area of 91.88 square kilometers belongs to the city of Zurich. 4.1 square kilometers from the total area is covered by the lake Zurich.

Zurich has a humid continental climate. The four seasons can be clearly distinguished. The city of Zurich has residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural areas. From the total area, 45.4% is allocated for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. 26.5% of the area is forested. 15.5% is allocated to transportation infrastructure, and 11% is agricultural lands.

People in the city of Zurich heavily depend on public transportations. Trains, trams and buses are extremely popular. It is a mixed hub of roads, railways and air traffic. The largest station in Switzerland is also located in this city. The Zurich airport is also a very busy place. It has its own underground railway station.

The city of Zurich is consisting with many historical and cultural sites. There are popular churches, museums, parks and natural sites can be seen. Grossmünster church, the Zürich Museum of Art, Swiss National Museum, and Zoological Garden are some stunning places to visit.



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