Welcome to the ABMS College, an online Swiss High school that provides and deliver excellent learning environment to talented and motivated students in Grade 12. This is a school where transformational and rigorous courses of study can be pursued via a community of like-minded peers and competent instructors who are always willing and ready to help students achieve their career and personal goals. At ABMS College, like-minded students come together within a school environment that is set up just like a real time classroom. The online classroom setting provided by ABMS also include features such as; drop-in sessions with teachers, assemblies, college counseling, and extra-curricular clubs, among several others.

ABMS students live in Switzerland; likewise, we have students living in some other parts of the world. Our students are enrolled in full time or part time studies. Our students engage in discussions and seminars that extend beyond the traditional online classrooms, and are also initiated into our extra-curricular activities to boost the interrelationships between students and instructors. Many of our instructors hold PHDs and Master’s Degrees in their various disciplines, they engage and help students explore their subjects’ areas through the rich curriculum developed to cover all topics within each field of study.

Our rich curriculum will develop and sharpen students’ skills of analyzing, reasoning and making strong arguments against challenges on global perspectives. There are no attributes common to our students because they come from diverse backgrounds but one thing that is common to them all is that they have an abiding passion for Knowledge. Being a student of ABMS shows that you have passion for learning, and you are ready to relate with like-minded students like you. If you want to learn and interact with your like-minded peers, under the supervision and instruction of credible and widely respected instructors, then ABMS College should be your destination.

It has been discovered that students find it easier to establish a strong bond with their peers and instructors online, ABMS College also provide some residential programs that will bring all students and instructor together to have a physical meeting. Our curriculum will allow students to explore deeply the components of their chosen fields and how they can add more value to what they have been taught to provide solutions to common problems. When you are enrolled in ABMS College, you will meet motivated students and highly intelligent teachers who have spent several years instructing students like you, therefore they are familiar with common challenges faced by students at different stages of their programs.

I want to specifically invite you to visit and explore our community by visiting our academic pages, the ABMS profile, as well as the student life pages to see for yourself the why ABMS college should be your priority in achieving your college education. You may also like to read our student Ambassador pages or drop by our Virtual online open day session and see how well ABMS can help you thrive and succeed in your chosen career.

Dr. Brayan

ABMS President



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